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Looking for a more flexible fleet?

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There are times when you need to temporarily top-up your permanent fleet, or would prefer not to commit all of your vehicles to a traditional, long-term lease agreement. When this is the case, our flexible option may be the ideal solution for you.

We can provide passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for a fixed monthly cost on plans ranging from three months to two years.

All vehicles are provided direct from LeasePlan, so it’s the same level of service – just without the commitment. Plus, unlike some short-term rental agreements, you can keep the same vehicle for the initial rental period and we even cover repairs up to £500 upon return*.

Contact your Account Manager today to find out how LeasePlan Flexible can give you the flexibility to react to your business needs with vehicles as and when you need them.


*Damage over £500; all damage will be payable in full.




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