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driver safety

Pro-active Passenger [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 14.11.2014

Every driver hates a backseat driver. Until you’re a passenger yourself. According to a 2011 survey, 92% of motorists admit to being backseat drivers themselves

Northern Ireland’s anti speeding campaign

Written by | Posted on 26.07.2014

Public safety campaigns are designed to scare people into moderating their behaviour, but has Northern Ireland's anti speeding campaign exceeded reasonable limits?

Hard drive crash

Written by | Posted on 30.06.2014

It’s a disaster when your broadband goes down, or your inbox is swamped with spam, or your Facebook account is hacked and...

Division on the road needn’t be a vicious cycle [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 21.05.2014

People want to use cars and bikes. Yet the more sensationalist elements of the media love to portray a war on Britain’s roads between those who drive and those who cycle.

Pedaling home from the pub?

Written by | Posted on 07.05.2014

Jeremy Clarkson, as you probably don’t need to be told, divides opinion. Even before the hullabaloo last week about whether he had...

Road Vigilantes

Written by | Posted on 11.09.2013

Of course you, like me, are a much better than the average driver. I can be fairly confident that you think so,...