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future of motoring

Hard drive crash

Written by | Posted on 30.06.2014

It’s a disaster when your broadband goes down, or your inbox is swamped with spam, or your Facebook account is hacked and...

Concept Cars

Written by | Posted on 11.06.2014

Google hope to transform driving with their new fully automated, electric car. The prototypes undergoing testing now may look like extras from...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Written by | Posted on 02.06.2014

What’s that monstrosity, you ask? Why, it’s this year’s BMW SUV. Or perhaps you’d prefer Bentley’s version, due in 2016, according to...

Drivers! Know your limits!

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2014

Forget about brown being the new black, or comedy being the new rock ’n’ roll; that’s all old news, though it’s always...

Lighting up the road network

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2014

Over the past two or three decades, technology has led to phenomenal improvements in safety, energy efficiency, performance and even the logistics...

Division on the road needn’t be a vicious cycle [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 21.05.2014

People want to use cars and bikes. Yet the more sensationalist elements of the media love to portray a war on Britain’s roads between those who drive and those who cycle.

F1 doesn’t have a sound argument*

Written by | Posted on 01.05.2014

(* but electric cars do) Are you a bit worried about the noise your car’s engine is making? Don’t bother opening the...

Is there no end to roads?

Written by | Posted on 08.04.2014

There has been some surprise, and complaint, from environmental groups that the Department for Transport has ruled out any consideration of emissions...

Autonomous cars drive people mad*

Written by | Posted on 28.03.2014

(* because they’re safer drivers than we are). If you’ve ever seen Minority Report or I, Robot or, most alarming of all,...

Ideas above Their Station [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 27.03.2014

Motorway service stations are toilets. And I don’t just mean the reputation they have for being dirty and unappealing places to linger,...