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Fine dining over the fast lane

Written by | Posted on 08.03.2016

Leicester Forest East Services was something of an architectural novelty in the UK when it was built in the 1960's,

James Hunt, relatable hero [guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 04.03.2016

Dashing Grand Prix ace James Hunt was the perfect – or maybe imperfect – sporting icon of the 1970s. Before him, sporting...

Top Gear – or stalled start?

Written by | Posted on 27.01.2016

So things not going well for Mr Evans. Or are they? There is a school of thought that all these ‘doom and gloom’ leaks about Top Gear are a kind of clever reverse-psychology aimed at lowering expectations. In which case, it is working a treat.

Moving music

Written by | Posted on 15.01.2016

In-car CD players used to be the very height of sophistication and desirability, but more and more aftermarket stereo head units have begun to appear without that slot. The car CD player is on its final track.

Whatever happened to polite driving?

Written by | Posted on 19.10.2015

A look back to the days when driving was a pleasure - when we used to enjoy ‘just going for a drive’ on a Sunday afternoon.

Stiggy in the middle [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 18.08.2015

Top Gear fans aren’t sure if they are seeing double – or merely suffering from a severe case of Stig-matism.

15 of the best movie car chases [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 17.08.2015

Guest blog by film critic, novelist and photographer Anne Billson on the top 15 movie car chases.

The Ginger Prince has won the Iron Throne

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2015

Top Gear: Evans takes the crown but will old king Clarkson strike back?

A Great English Road Movie

Written by | Posted on 20.05.2015

Let’s play a little game of word association. I say ‘road movie,’ and you think… what? Easy Rider? Two-Lane Blacktop? Vanishing Point?

Motorway drivers should be better served

Written by | Posted on 07.04.2015

For the most part, motorway services combine the ambience of 1970s municipal bus station lavatories with the prices of the Champs Elysée's Georges V hotel.

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