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road pricing

Smartening motorways

Written by | Posted on 29.03.2016

It’s now ten years since the first smart motorway opened in the UK - however not everyone is convinced that smart motorways are so smart.

The Dartford Crossing

Written by | Posted on 12.11.2015

A million drivers were caught out in the first six months of the removal of the barriers at the Dartford Crossing and presented with fines.

New roads are long overdue

Written by | Posted on 01.12.2014

The case for new roads. New road building programme is long overdue, and the only way to get ahead.

Should we invest in new roads?

Written by | Posted on 27.11.2014

The case against new roads. Will anyone use them, who'll pay for them, and should we fix the ones we've got first?

Should all motoring tax be spent on roads?

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2014

A balance needs to be struck - motorists feel overtaxed, yet Government have underinvested in Britain’s infrastructure.

For whom the road tolls

Written by | Posted on 03.09.2014

There’s no doubt that a lot of problems would get solved a lot quicker if we rolled up our sleeves and attempted to sort them out ourselves.

Will diesel charges make petrol more affordable?

Written by | Posted on 13.08.2014

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that a supplement of £10 on top of the congestion charge is to be introduced on almost all diesel vehicles entering the capital from 2020.

The Problem With Congestion [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 23.07.2014

In the developing world a rapid expansion of the number of vehicles on the road is causing the sort of congestion that few westerners would ever tolerate.

High Road or Low Road?

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

If Scotland chooses the road to independence in the referendum this September, no one can be quite sure what direction transport policy will take.

Road pricing’s a hard sell without the carrot

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2014

Last month’s paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), The Long Road to Ruin has received a fair amount of...