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Road safety

Driving in Flood Water

Written by | Posted on 21.11.2016

Exceptionally wet and often windy conditions can present a danger to motorists and other road users. Here are our tips from driving in these conditions.

What to do if you’re involved in an accident

Written by | Posted on 08.03.2016

Marx, Freud et al claim that there's no such thing as an accident. We needn’t delve into the philosophical implications of determinism, though.

Ice Road Driving

Written by | Posted on 24.11.2015

Tis the season of feeling the council’s grit under your tyres, carrying de-icer and a scraper in your boot, and driving carefully lest there’s any black ice about.

We’re driving less. Will we live more?

Written by | Posted on 24.11.2015

The organisers of Road Safety Week, the charity Brake, want us to think more about the necessity of our car journeys. For if there are fewer car journeys, then, at least in theory, there is also less pollution, less congestion, less expense – and, crucially, fewer accidents.

Under pressure?

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2015

The RAC estimated that it is called out 62,000 times a year by motorists without a spare tyre - with fleet drivers 6x more likely to be without a spare.

Back to School Traffic

Written by | Posted on 03.09.2015

Back to School - Cars swarming around areas that are cluttered with children is a dangerous set-up. Find out what you can do to improve road safety.

Summer’s coming

Written by | Posted on 23.03.2015

Summer is coming, but we’re still arguing about exactly what time that is.

Should we invest in new roads?

Written by | Posted on 27.11.2014

The case against new roads. Will anyone use them, who'll pay for them, and should we fix the ones we've got first?

Top 5 Winter Driving Tips

Written by | Posted on 17.11.2014

To coincide with the beginning of Road Safety Week today, here are our tips for Britain’s drivers for safe winter driving.

Fancy a say in getting rid of double yellow lines?

Written by | Posted on 23.09.2014

The idea that drivers could feel free to ignore yellow lines if they were only popping into the shop for 5 minutes might reflect what some people already do.