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Autumn Statement & Spending Review: 10 Observations

Written by | Posted on 27.11.2015

The Internet is awash with responses to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review, including our own. But what harm will another handful of observations do? Here are ten that, hopefully, cover most of what you need to know.

Autumn Statement initial comment from Matt Dyer

Written by | Posted on 25.11.2015

On 25th November the Chancellor delivered his 2015 Autumn Statement combining his first Comprehensive Spending Review since 2010. Initial comment from LeasePlan UK's Managing Director Matt Dyer.

The Parties’ new transport policies

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2015

With the political parties back from their trips to the seaside (or Manchester, in the Conservatives’ case), what did we learn about...

Transport and the three main party manifestos

Written by | Posted on 20.04.2015

Now that we have the manifestos of the main parties for next month’s general election, it’s worth having a look at what each says

The OECD are watching

Written by | Posted on 02.12.2014

The OECD think that the environmental and social costs of company car use are inadequately reflected in the tax system.

Should all motoring tax be spent on roads?

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2014

A balance needs to be struck - motorists feel overtaxed, yet Government have underinvested in Britain’s infrastructure.

Road pricing’s a hard sell without the carrot

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2014

Last month’s paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), The Long Road to Ruin has received a fair amount of...

A slight budget for motorists but still a welcome one

Written by | Posted on 20.03.2014

Gosh, George, thanks for reading! First, we advise the Chancellor to watch out for potholes, and he goes and stumps up an...

Budget 2014 : Initial reaction

Written by | Posted on 19.03.2014

Initial reaction to 2014 Budget Manufacturing The pledge to support British manufacturing will help to address the need to rebalance the wider...

Rather buy an electric car? Norwegians would

Written by | Posted on 28.02.2014

We’ve been watching all those Nordic crime dramas and Borgen, so we know how progressive, liberal and environmentally conscious they are over...