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Interview Mark Lovett, Head of Commercial Vehicles at LeasePlan UK

Written by | Posted on 08.09.2017

Interview with Head of Commercial Vehicles Mark Lovett on LeasePlan's approach to Van Best Practice.

New car tech glossary

Written by | Posted on 19.07.2017

From autonomous tech to big data - our fuss-free (jargon free) guide explains the latest automotive technology terms.

Driving Driverless

Written by | Posted on 19.05.2016

Who would have predicted it? Our 90-year-old Queen being ferried to Parliament in an ornate, horse-drawn coach to talk about… wait for it… driverless cars.

Keep your eyes on the road

Written by | Posted on 24.01.2016

An alarming increase in the number of accidents that are ultimately down to drivers not paying attention still does not seem to get the message through to driver

Dashboards are stuck in the past

Written by | Posted on 20.11.2015

As the level of technology and safety gear has increased in cars, so has the amount of information that you are inflicted with, whether you want it or not.

The Apple Car

Written by | Posted on 27.02.2015

There have been fairly credible reports this week that Apple is working on a secret project to design a car.

Let the robot drive

Written by | Posted on 16.07.2014

Everything is automated, electrified and app-ified to the point where, you can forget the horseless carriage. The driverless car is where it’s at.

Big Data v Big Brother

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

Big data has potential hazards, theoretical and practical, as well as huge benefits. First, the pros. Telematics offer a series of tremendous advantages...

Hard drive crash

Written by | Posted on 30.06.2014

It’s a disaster when your broadband goes down, or your inbox is swamped with spam, or your Facebook account is hacked and...

Road pricing’s a hard sell without the carrot

Written by | Posted on 23.06.2014

Last month’s paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), The Long Road to Ruin has received a fair amount of...