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Cost Reduction

Potholes on top of potholes

Written by | Posted on 17.04.2014

In last week's Sunday Times there was a suggestion that our pockmarked roads could help raise awareness of climate change. Perhaps there’s a reason why Chancellor George Osborne isn’t rushing to fill them all in, after all.

Taking green strides with ISO14001

Video | Posted on 18.03.2014

We all say we care about the environment. But it’s what we do that really matters. This is why we went...

Watch out for the potholes, George

Written by | Posted on 30.01.2014

Here on the LeasePlan blog, we tend to bridle at the idea that motorists are a single homogenous group. But if there’s...

Car Sales Apps

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

Car salesmen have a problem. Younger customers who have grown up in a digital environment have an apparent reluctance to visit their...

Pay-as-you-drive in Scotland

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

The think-tank Reform Scotland has just produced a paper arguing that the country should consider an alteration to current motoring taxes. Its...

The Sharing Economy

Written by | Posted on 06.11.2013

Shared use of some resources – particularly expensive items – has a long history and has taken many forms, dating right back...

Rural Fuel Subsidy

Written by | Posted on 31.10.2013

They’ll be singing and dancing in the streets of Hawes, north Yorkshire, Kirkby-in-Furness in Cumbria, and Lynton in Devon. In Scotland, there...

Fuel apps

Written by | Posted on 21.08.2013

Car manufacturers offer plenty of optional upgrades – heated leather seats, high-spec audio systems, pearlescent paint, go-faster stripes – which, depending on...

Tim Farron MP; fuel subsidy

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2013

Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, also happens to be President of the Liberal Democrats. The party has always had...

New Car Sales

Written by | Posted on 18.07.2013

For most households, a new car is (after the house itself) the single most expensive item purchased. So it is not surprising...