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The Environment

Floods cause £2.5M damage to fleets

Written by | Posted on 13.03.2014

The wettest winter on record. That much is uncontested. But the variety and force of the weather this winter has presented us...

Rather buy an electric car? Norwegians would

Written by | Posted on 28.02.2014

We’ve been watching all those Nordic crime dramas and Borgen, so we know how progressive, liberal and environmentally conscious they are over...

Smile! You’re on candid camera…

Written by | Posted on 24.02.2014

The news that the Government plans to have new “stealth” speed cameras approved and rolled out on the M25 by the end...

The Future of Mobility Report

Written by | Posted on 03.02.2014

Find out the five issues dictating the future of mobility in our report.


Video | Posted on 23.08.2013

Telematics Data Sheets

PDF | Posted on 23.08.2013

Boris’ Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2013

There are a number of adjectives frequently attached to Boris Johnson, which may be more or less suitable for print, depending on...

New Car Sales

Written by | Posted on 18.07.2013

For most households, a new car is (after the house itself) the single most expensive item purchased. So it is not surprising...

Thanks to EV’s, Mr Clegg’s paying

Written by | Posted on 01.06.2013

Would you like to drive an electric car? The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg certainly wants you to. He’s just launched a...

Congestion charging

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

“Courageous” was the word that Sir Humphrey Appleby always used when he wanted Jim Hacker to change his mind. “Very courageous decision,”...